• 145/80 x 12" ST Radial ply tyres

  • 5 Hole x 12" Powder coated rims

  • ​Hitch height for sedans and minivans

  • Jockey Wheel: 125mm lower assy

  • Integrated nosecone

  • Integrated CAD designed and CNC folded and welded Monocoque Chassis (Monocoque, meaning ‘single shell’ in French, is a construction technique that utilizes the external skin for structural integrity).

  • Load body is manufactured from 20 gauge electro galvanized sheet metal​

  • Powder coated and cured at 210°C.  


  • Length Overall:   2715mm/8.9ft

  • Length Body:   2105mm/6.9ft

  • Width Inside:   1195mm/3.9ft

  • Width Overall:   1630mm/5.35ft

  • Ground Clearance:   295mm/11.6"

  • Height Inside:   460mm/18"

  • Height Overall:   995mm/39.2"​

Technical Specs

  • G.V.W:   750kg/1650lbs

  • Payload:   585kg/1285lbs

  • Axle Length:   1445mm/57"

  • Axle Capacity:   907kg/2000lbs

  • Double eye Leaf Spring:   3 Blade 1300lbs

  • Coupler:   Class II with 2" ball​

Custom options available

Tell us about your requirements. We will gladly recommend and fit wheel, paint, graphics and trim options. 

Why Warthog?

The image of the small trailer following a vehicle reminded us of the way Warthogs normally roam about in Africa with the baby always "in tow".

WARTHOG trailers for every Adventure