Seeker Manufacturing was started in 2015 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. The founders, all originally from South Africa, recognized the absence of compact trailers that are very popular in South Africa. The Seeker Warthog Adventure trailer was designed by working with Challenger, one of the largest trailer manufacturers in Southern Africa and adapting it for Canadian conditions and Transport Canada compliance.

With more than 50 years of extensive, specialized trailer design and manufacturing experience, Challenger Trailers is the leading trailer manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere. The factory was started in 1960 by Maarten Venter who produced trailers under the renowned brand of “Venter Trailers”. Later on Jasper Venter, Maarten Venter’s son took over the family business, selling it in 1990 to a Johannesburg consortium. In 2002 the business became available again and Jasper Venter acted by taking over the original factory premises and started producing trailers under the “Challenger Trailers” brand. Today Challenger Trailers is the largest, most cost effective producer of light-weight electro-galvanized steel luggage trailers on the African continent

The Seeker Warthog trailer will follow your vehicle effortlessly, just like a young Warthog following an adult darting through the African Savannah. 

Trailers for every Adventure


Seeker trailers are fully enclosed, weatherproof, animal proof and lockable to keep your possessions dry and safe. 

The trailer lids have been designed to be accessed from the passenger side, keeping you away from passing traffic.

All Seeker trailers are equipped with tires with the best load and speed ratings. Seeker trailers are fully compliant with the CMVSS.

The warthog characteristically carries its tail upright when it runs, the tuft waving like a tiny flag.

We build trailers for every adventure! 


Vehicles are getting smaller, and we have designed and built a functional, aerodynamic, lightweight and stylish luggage trailer that will resolve your space needs with any vehicle.

The trailers can also be adapted and customized to fulfill any other transportation needs, be it for search and rescue duties, trades, advertising or promotional use.



Our trailers are built for long distances at highway speed and Canadian road conditions. The trailers are designed using CAD and the fabrication is done by means of CNC methods. Our sheet metal is discreetly corrugated to improve rigidity and galvanized before powder coating is applied.

We have a 30 year old example that was used in Africa and Canada which is still in daily use by our company.


As a trailer manufacturer our aim at Seeker is to build a range of  trailers that are lightweight with a low center of gravity making them very stable behind any vehicle at highway speeds. 

Our Seeker trailers can be easily maneuvered and hitched with minimal effort and storage is easy when the trailer is empty.

Two lids provide easy access to the cavernous interior.​​​